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At Manion & Associates Financial Services in Maple Ridge, “client driven” means the client is in the driver’s seat any time a decision has to be made. It also means your best interests are the focus for everything we do, whether it involves financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning or just some good cash management strategies.

Bottom line: your interests come first and you call the shots. That’s what “client driven” means at Manion & Associates Financial Services.


Financial Planning Isn’t Just About The Future

Manion & Associates takes a look at the big picture for each and every client, creating a sensible, realistic program that takes into account everything from monthly bills and tax planning to investing and retirement.

We Don’t Sell Products To Our Clients

At Manion & Associates we are very proud to say that our clients are never sold products. Instead, we lay out options and our clients choose the financial products that best suit their needs.

Our Motto Is Service Integrity Knowledge

We always strive to provide quality service, and we always put our clients’ interests first. We either have the answers ready when you need them, or we can draw upon a network of professionals to provide the answers.

Why choose Us

At Manion & Associates
We are committed to you

We're committed to our clients first and foremost! Our motto is "Service, Integrity, Knowledge" which means: All calls returned within 24 hours. You drop in without an appointment, if we're not already with a client, you're the appointment.

We assist you with ALL financial matters If we don't know the answer we'll say, "We don't know", then we'll find the answer Community-based family business and it shows with our family-friendly, casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Manion & Associates Financial Services

Our Financial Services.

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Do you know when you’re going to retire? Do you know how you will retire?

Investment Planning

You’ve worked hard for your money, shouldn’t it now work hard for you?

Insurance Planning

How will your family get by if you have a Critical Illness such as Cancer or a Stroke?

Estate Planning

Who will get the biggest chunk of your estate on your passing, your family or the government?

Cash Flow Planning

Do you need a strategy to get out of debt and start saving money?

Tax Planning

Do you pay taxes? Are you paying the least amount of tax?

Manion & Associates Financial Services

Supporting Our Community

At Manion and Associates we believe that being in business means getting involved in our community, so every year we make it our business to assist local community groups and charities by either providing funds directly, or by spearheading or participating in their fundraising efforts.

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