Segregated funds

Segregated funds are a timely, private and cost-effective way for your clients to transfer wealth to their loved ones. By naming a beneficiary on their BMO Guaranteed Investment Funds policy, these investments can bypass the costly probate process* upon their death which can save time and money. 

Plus, unlike traditional investments, BMO Guaranteed Investment Funds provide a deposit guarantee upon death as well as creditor protection** which can be an integral part of their wealth transfer plan. 

Why Critical Life Insurance

No amount of money is worth suffering through a critical illness; however, having some additional money on hand can help. Talk to your advisor today about how you can update your insurance plan to help protect your family’s finances against serious illnesses with critical illness insurance.

Money Stress

Stressed about money? You’re not alone. For more information visit by Manulife.

Why do I need Insurance?

Build a financially secure future. For more information about BMO Insurance or our products, please consult your insurance advisor

Term 100 Insurance


When should I get Life Insurance?

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re looking to get protection for your home, your income, your family or your car, RBC Insurance can help you get it. Just ask this woefully inexperienced baby about life insurance. 

A Climate Friendly Approach to Investing

New investment solutions favour companies with strong strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

Four things you may not know about your Advantage Account

 When you get a new bank account, most banks ask you to choose between a great interest rate, no fees and the ability to bank the way you want.

With your Advantage Account, you don’t have to choose. 

Interest Rate vs. Interest Cost

There’s more to a mortgage than the rate.

Kid Start – Whole Life Insurance


What is a segregated fund?

When building a financial plan, there are a variety of investment products and options available to help you meet your savings goals. At Equitable Life, we’re here to offer solutions that work for you…and your savings plan.


Learn how rising prices affect your buying power when choosing your investments.

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