What Our Clients Are Saying

Kristian listened carefully to my needs. He researched and presented options to me and took me through a detailed review of the pros and cons of each one. There was no ‘hard sell’ to complete the deal. Instead, Kristian was concerned to make sure I made an informed decision.

Chris N

Independent Management Consultant, Vancouver, BC

“I’ve been a client of Kristian and his team for over a decade and I couldn’t be happier with their service, insight and care. As my needs have changed over the years through owning a business and having a family, they have been there each step of the way. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Leigh W


“Since appointing Allen as my financial advisor, I feel very confident in reaching my goals in life. He is detail-oriented and breaks down investments in layman terms while explaining which ones would be suitable for my situation. In the past I’ve work with incompetent advisors who answered my questions incorrectly so I was hesitant to delegate my affairs to an advisor again. My advice to others is to find an advisor who has a good understanding of the CRA like Allen does as it can lead to very bad consequences if you receive incorrect advice. Working with Allen has been a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend anybody who is searching for sound money advice to contact him and his team at Manion and Associates.”



Matthew T.

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